In short about us

For the past twelve years, Russian Educational Center Bookvarel has made it a goal to preserve and promote the heritage of the Russian culture among children by teaching Russian Language, Russian Literature and other subjects that help develop a broad educational foundation and pass Russian traditions from one generation to the next.

When working with students, our goal is to develop physical and intellectual skills, teach work ethic, develop a habit to think and analyze and develop a passion for learning new things. Our classes employ a combination of methodologies and introduce specific game elements, while implementing communicational and grammatical concepts into the program.

In addition to our educational programs, our children are actively involved in numerous other activities and events, including: Fall Celebration, New Year Celebration, March 8th, and an End of School Celebration. For each of these events, kids prepare short theatrical pieces, learn poems, songs and dances. We prepare a unique productions for each celebration, with costumes, music and roles for both, kids and their parents.

Every year we organize a Summer Educational Camp where kids participate in various educational programs as well as games and physical activities. The various groups meet from beginning of June until the middle of July.

Many of our students participate in different competitions, including: Russian Language Olympiad and Ohio Chess Competition. Our goal is to encourage active and broad participation in these and other similar competitions as they help our children excel in the multiple disciplines taught at Bookvarel.